Kitchen Nightmares (US) S05 E12: Park’s Edge, Atlanta, Georgia – CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares (US) S05 E12: Park's Edge, Atlanta, Georgia - CLOSED

In this edition of Kitchen Nightmares, chef Gordon Ramsay visits Park's Edge in Atlanta, Georgia. This restaurant is being run by two friends Richard and Jorge. They have no experience of running a restaurant. Richard handles front of the house while Jorge manages the kitchen. Jorge menu is complicated, but, as per him is quality food.

In three years that restaurant have been operational, the food department have forced them to close twice for health violations. The staff is aware that the owners do not have any clue of this line of business.

Park's Edge, Atlanta,Georgia-CLOSED

While researching Gordon finds out that this restaurant have alienated the locals. Gordon arrives at the restaurant and meets Richard and Jorge. They tell Gordon that they have made few mistakes and relationship with neighborhood is lost that in turns is hurting the business. They do not have any clue on how to mend the mistakes. Gordon is relieved that it is not related to the food.

Episode Related Info:
Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 05 Episode 12
Restaurant Name: Park's Edge, Atlanta, Georgia
Filming: September 2011
Air Date: 03 February, 2012
Restaurant Close Date: Early 2014
Current Status: CLOSED

Is Park's Edge, Atlanta, Georgia closed?

Yes. the restaurant lease ran out. their social handle was active till November 2013, they informed that they are looking for new place to reopen the restaurant, it never happened. Park’s Edge closed in early 2014.

Food Sampling:

Gordon is amazed to see grilled ceasar salad on the menu. Gordon orders grilled ceaser salad, oysters and sesame salmon. Gordon is amused to see grilled ceaser salad when the food arrives. He gets up to show all the eating customers a look of grilled lettuce. Gordon notices that lettuce head is still on, that means lettuce is not clean.

Gordon tells the server that lettuce is super spicy, it should not be. Next food, oysters taste nasty and Gordon asks Richard to taste it. Richard confirms that oysters are spicy. Gordon’s last dish turns out spicy too and the combination of rice, strawberry and salmon did not go well.

Gordon meets Jorge and kitchen staff and tells them about the issues with food. Gordon describes the food as spicy, inedible, chicken as dry. Jorge looses his cool after getting called out for his food. Gordon comes to know that Jorge is not experienced and has jumped in into business directly from cook school.

Dinner service & kitchen inspection:

The next day, Gordon sits down with Richard in order to identify the core issues in operations. Richard tells Gordon that biggest issue is that they have managed to alienate the neighborhood. He does not know how to bridge the gap that is there between them and community. In short run of the restaurant, they put tent up without permit, server alcohol without permit and called the whole neighborhood racist.

During dinner service, Gordon understands that Jorge does not know what he is doing. There is no control on how kitchen should run and Jorge is all over place. Orders take a lot of time but customers do not like the food. Often dishes come back to the kitchen because they are raw or overcooked. Jorge fails to handle the pressure. Richard, not in control of situation, resort to drinking instead of confronting it.

Many customers are left waiting for their orders and few of them start walking out. Gordon goes in the walk in storage for an inspection and finds old stocks of chicken which is left for marination for just too long He also uncovers rotten produce. After the service he calls Richard and Jorge to the storage. Gordon confronts Jorge and tells them that there is no one rotating the stocks. Heated argument takes place between Jorge and Gordon as Jorge tries to defend himself.

The next day, Gordon talks to the staff to uncover more hidden issues. While Gordon talks to the staff, Richard and Jorge watch from hidden camera. As staff members begin listing issues, Gordon understands that Richard does not stand up to the issues generally. A staff member tells that Richard is mostly drinking and it gets tough for even them to reach-out to him. Jorge on the other hand is disrespectful and turns situations hostile with getting abusive. Gordon tells the staff that owners were listening. Richard and Jorge admit that they need to change and to be more considerate.

Restaurant makeover and relaunch:

Before the relaunch, Gordon takes Jorge and Richard to a local TV news station, so that they can address their mistake and bridge the gap between the restaurant and the local community. Richard, on-air, apologizes to the neighborhood and requests them to give “Park’s Edge” another chance.

Gordon Richard and Jorge Park's Edge news

Gordon’s design team redecorates the whole restaurant. The next day, Gordon reveals new signage for the restaurant which is bit rustic and edgy. The owners and the staff like the changes done to the restaurant. Restaurant looks very contemporary, rustic and all the linens are now gone, revealing table tops.

Design team also decorates the restaurant with local artwork, giving it an neighborhood appeal. Gordon reveals the new menu which is classic American with contemporary touch. After seeing and tasting the new menu, Jorge admits on the camera that this is the right step and his food was unnecessary complex.

Gordon brings in his team to train the restaurant’s staff. Sous chef Matt has a problem with chicken wings being on menu. As per him, menu is wrong and chicken wings should not be on the menu of fine dining restaurant. Gordon, Jorge and Richard talk to Matt outside the restaurant and calm him down. The Restaurant is packed and food leaves the kitchen in a timely manner.

Gordon Jorge Richard talking to Matt

Sous Chef Matt, places out pork belly which is over-cooked. Gordon tries to confront him but that does not work as next dish comes out raw from the center. After a heated verbal bout between Jorge and Matt, Jorge fires Matt. Jorge takes the control of the delivery service and food starts to move out of the kitchen in a timely fashion.

The relaunch is a success and all the diners love the food. Gordon is pleasantly surprised by change in approach by Jorge.

What happened to Park's Edge, Atlanta, Georgia after relaunch?

The closing act of the episode shows that Richard and Jorge continued their community outreach. Business is going in right direction. Richard is more active with functioning of the restaurant and Jorge has embraced the new menu and driving the kitchen properly.

After the relaunch, they kept Gordon’s dishes and returned few of the usual favorite items. After the relaunch Yelp reviews were mixed, with few very good, strong positive ones. Bad reviews are related to bad service.

Park’s Edge, failed another health inspection in October 2011 (A second failed inspection within an year). Park Edge’s lease ran out in November 2013 and as per their last facebook post, they were active till November 2013 and were looking for a new location to reopen, that did not happen. Park’s Edge closed down operations in early 2014.

In early 2020, the website was up and running, last checked, on 1st July 2020, website got expired.



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Episode Related Info:
Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 05 Episode 12
Restaurant Name: Park's Edge, Atlanta, Georgia
Filming: September 2011
Air Date: 03 February, 2012
Restaurant Close Date: Early 2014
Current Status: CLOSED

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