Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 4 Episode 10: Kingston Cafe, Pasadena, California

Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 4 Episode 10: Kingston Cafe, Pasadena, California - CLOSED

UPDATED : 26 December 2019

In this episode of the Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon visits Kingston Cafe, Pasadena, California. Dr. Una Morris is running this Jamaican restaurant. She is a practicing radiologist and three times Olympian. Dr. Morris runs this restaurant with her son Keone. Though they manage the restaurant together, they have different ideas about its operations. In introduction part, Keone tells that her mother does not listen to his inputs. As per Keone, she micromanages everything.

The staff fears Dr. Morris and they do not feel comfortable when she is around. Chef in kitchen tells that when Dr. Morris is around, the kitchen slows down. Ally, the server shares that chefs do not stay long in the restaurant due to Dr. Morris. When food is coming out slow, servers are the ones who face the heat from customers. As the restaurant is not making money, Keone persuades Dr. Morris for seeking Gordon’s help.

Before coming to the restaurant, Gordon takes a detour and meets Keone. Keone tells Gordon that the main issue with the restaurant is his mother’s attitude. Keone and his mother never agree on the same thing, that sends mixed signals not only to customers but to the team as well. Keone also shares that his mother is practicing radiologist and 3 times Olympian. Keone surprises Gordon when he rates his mother 35 on a scale of 1 to 10 on the level of strictness.

Kingston Cafe Pasadena in Kitchen Nightmares
Kingston Cafe Pasadena in Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon arrives at the restaurant, it looks more like a home from outside. Inside decor is confusing as well. Gordon meets Dr. Una Morris and head chef Daniel. Dr. Morris tells Gordon that she handles everything. Chef Daniel tells Gordon that the menu is also from Dr. Morris. Gordon sits down to taste some food. Gordon chats with the waiter Mathew, who tells Gordon that Dr. Una’s clinic is right next door.

Episode Related Info:
Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 04 Episode 10
Restaurant Name: Kingston Cafe, Pasadena, California
Filming: January 2011
Air Date: 15 April 2011
Restaurant Close Date: 1 August 2018
Current Status: CLOSED

Is Kingston Cafe, Pasadena, California closed?

Yes, Kingston Cafe, Pasadena closed on 1st August, 2018. The restaurant closed in November 2012, but, they reopened after one year in November 2013.

Update : They have shutdown the restaurant ((1st August, 2018)), catering business is active from same location (1st August, 2019)

Food Sampling:

Gordon orders Jamaican patties - one veg and one beef, “hot flashes” jerk chicken and oxtail. Gordon thinks the decor of the restaurant is dull and depressing. The first order of Jamaican patties arrive. The beef sauce is gross and pastry on the patties is raw. Rice in jerk chicken is overcooked and chicken is very dry. The last dish arrives, oxtail is pathetic, bland and full of fat. Gordon goes into the kitchen to give his inputs on food. Dr. Morris retaliates and tells Gordon that the jerk chicken in Jamaica is dry. Gordon and Dr. Morris get into an argument.

Gordon arrives at the dinner service to observe how the kitchen functions. Gordon notices that they are serving salad in a martini glass. The server tells Dr. Morris that this is not the usual way, this makes salad soggy. But, as per Dr. Morris, it improves the presentation. Gordon looks around and finds bags full of precooked food. He tells Una that she is running a hospital kitchen. After seeing the practices that they follow in the kitchen, Gordon leaves for the day early.

The next day, Gordon visits Dr. Morris at her medical practice area, next to the restaurant. Gordon compliments her on the achievements and tells her that she is a smart woman. Gordon is still unsure about why she is stubborn. To access her situation better, Gordon asks her about the financials. She tells Gordon that her retirement is on line and she is under $300,000 debt. She grew up without her mom and Keone is emotionally distant from her.

Gordon tells her that she is in denial and he is here to help her and not to fight her. After this discussion, she now understands that Gordon is on her side and she opens up for the changes. Gordon sits down with Keone also and tells her the financial state his mother is in. He asks Keone to be more supportive of his mother and commit to her cause.

For the dinner service, Gordon introduces special BBQ menu on the patio. Customers are happy with the new addition, but, old menu is getting bad reviews again. It looks like there are two parts of the restaurant. On the patio, people are enjoying the food, inside the restaurant dismal dinner service is at its best. After the dinner service, Gordon highlights the differences between the two parts. Everyone is on board with the changes that need to happen. Gordon brings in all the plastic packed food and dumps it in the dining area as the first step towards change.


Gordon’s design team gives a much-needed makeover to the restaurant and brings in Carrabian touch to the decor. The whole staff and Dr. Morris are speechless with the positive changes in the decor. Gordon shows them new fresh dishes for the relaunch. Everyone loves the vibrant new dishes that taste amazing. Gordon also shows the new signage for the restaurant. Dr. Morris thanks Gordon for all the changes. Gordon hands over casual T-shirts to the staff.

Gordon asks Keone to lead the kitchen and Dr. Morris is going to let Keone run it. There is a buzz in the dining room and the restaurant is packed with customers. The kitchen starts off great and customers love the appetizers. One hour into the service, chef Dan starts to lose control and kitchen gets backed up. Food for one table is sent out twice.

Dr. Morris with Ramsay at The Kingston Cafe
Dr. Morris with Ramsay at The Kingston Cafe

Gordon asks Keone to handle the kitchen mistakes. Keone gets on top of the service, Dr. Morris tries to take the charge but Keone asks her to socialize in the dining room. The kitchen gets back and finishes the service on a positive note. Kitchen cooked with passion, servers served with smile and Keone handled it good. Dr. Morris is proud of Keone and Gordon thanks the staff for the successful relaunch.

Before leaving, Gordon talks with Dr. Una and tells her that she needs to commit one thing. She either has to let Keone run the restaurant or let him focus on his carrier. Una thanks Gordon for all the help and commits to sticking with the changes.

What happened next?

As the episode closes, they show that Dr. Morris has let Keone go to pursue his studies. Dr. Morris is also sticking with changes done by Gordon and is more involved in the restaurant. Cooks are cooking fresh food and Dr. Morris is leading the change. Yelp reviews after the relaunch were average.

One year after the relaunch, Gordon revisits The Kingston Cafe (Yelp link in the resources) and finds out that Keone is out of the kitchen and is focusing on his studies. Dr. Morris rehired all the staff. Food is fresh and delicious, Gordon meets new chef Christie.

The restaurant did close in November 2012, but, they reopened in November 2013. After the reopening, they have added a dance floor, new menu items and expanded the bar. As per their website, their hours of operations are very limited (Link to the website in the resources). In 2016, there was a shooting outside The Kingston Cafe. A man suffered a wound to his leg and was rushed to the hospital (Details in the resources).

As of 2018, Keone is running a local business “Swift + Nimble” as executive director. He is also associated as culture architect with Techesque for past 9 years.

Update : On 1st August 2018, they closed down the restaurant and kept catering open. In mid 2017, it appeared that the business was slowing down as they operated limited weekend hours from Thursday through Saturday.

They left following message during closure:

Effective August 1, 2018

The cafe will provide catering and event services only. We are available for all your celebratory and event needs: wedding receptions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, meetings and club events.

To all our loyal customers... We thank you for faithful patronage and support.

Note from Kingston Cafe owner
Note from Kingston Cafe’s owner, from EaterLA

Is Kingston Cafe, Pasadena, California closed?

Yes, they closed it on 1st Aug 2018. They still are running catering business from the same location. The restaurant closed in November 2012, but, they reopened after one year in November 2013.



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Episode Related Info:
Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 04 Episode 10
Restaurant Name: Kingston Cafe, Pasadena, California
Filming: January 2011
Air Date: 15 April 2011
Restaurant Close Date: 1 August 2018
Current Status: CLOSED

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