Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 3 Episode 13: Kitchen Nightmares Revisited #3

Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 3 Episode 13: Kitchen Nightmares Revisited #3

UPDATED : 26 December 2019

This closing episode of season 3 is dedicated to revisits to the restaurants that Gordon Ramsay saved in the first and second seasons. Roughly after one year of the relaunch (rough filming date is March-June 2009 for the revisit episode), Gordon covers 3 restaurants in this revisit episode:

  1. Handlebar, Mount Sinai, New York
  2. Casa Roma, Lancaster, California
  3. Black Pearl, New York

1. Handlebar, Mount Sinai revisited:

(The original episode with all the updates can be found here)
Gordon enters the restaurant and is warmly greeted by Billy and Carolyn. Billy tells Gordon that things have been well lately. Carolyn shares that Billy is still stubborn (not as much as he was one year ago). Gordon is pleased to know that Melissa is still there. Bill is more confident and comfortable now. Gordon wants to see walk-in before eating, walk-in is very clean and labeled, Gordon is happy to see that.

Handlebar Mount Sinai Revisited
Handlebar Mount Sinai Revisited

Gordon asks Carolyn if she is happy with her gastropub, he responds positively. Carolyn adds, Bill is handling the restaurant more positively and this year has been good for her personally. Bill shares his story, the restaurant became a hit after the relaunch but lately, things are slow due to the present state of the economy. Melissa brings in martini marinated filet for Ramsay, food is delicious.

Carolyn shares her best and worst moment during the relaunch one year ago. Gordon is pleased with the progress Billy and Carolyn have shown. He asks them to stay put for next 6 months and hopes that economy will take a turn.

Is Handlebar, Mount Sinai, New York closed?

Yes, after the revisit episode, the restaurant was sold, closed and reopened as Skybox Restaurant and Sports Bar, which closed in 2011.

Restaurant: Handlebar, Mount Sinai, New York
Original Air Date: 11 September 2008
Revisit Air Date: 21 May 2010
Restaurant Close Date: Year 2010

2. Casa Roma, Lancaster Update:

(The original episode with all the updates can be found here)
Gordon enters Casa Roma and meets Nylah, she is happy to see him. Gordon asked if she has let Erick in the kitchen again. Nylah tells Gordon that Erick is not there, Chef Drew is also not in the kitchen. Her son Jeremy is gone because they can not work with each other anymore, which surprises Gordon a bit.

Casa Roma Lancaster Revisted
Casa Roma Lancaster Revisted

Gordon checks the walk-in refrigerator and is pleased to see the clean and well-maintained state of the refrigerator. Nylah and Gordon then enter the kitchen, where Gordon is surprised to see Q (Chef from Sebastian’s). Gordon asked him about Sebastian’s, Q tells that one day Sebastian’s just disappeared.

Gordon orders food and sits down with Nylah to learn more about her progress. Nylah tells Gordon that business is growing and Q has been very helpful in the kitchen. Q brings in food and Gordon likes it. Gordon surprises Nylah by arranging for her to be recognized by Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce for her role in the community.

Is Casa Roma, Lancaster, California closed?

Yes, Casa Roma closed mid-2015. The restaurant they renamed into, CR Roadhouse is not having good reviews online.

Restaurant: Casa Roma, Lancaster, California
Original Air Date: 12 March 2010
Original Filming Date: March 2008
Revisit Air Date: 21 May 2010
Restaurant Close Date: Mid 2015

3. Black Pearl, New York Revisited:

(The original episode with all the updates can be found here)

The restaurant has closed. Gordon meets the new owners of the place and restaurant The Hog Pit. They tell Gordon that business is going well. Gordon orders some food and calls Steven (Waiter in Black Pearl).

Black Pearl New York Revisited
Black Pearl New York Revisited

Steven comes to meet Ramsay, he tells that the owners and the restaurant went back to old ways. Old menu found its way back in. Steven tells Gordon that his last paycheck from the Black Pearl bounced. The owner Dave also sold the lobster tank placed by Gordon during the relaunch. Gordon asks Steven to share the meal.

Is Black Pearl, New York closed?

Yes, just for days after the episode aired, Black Pearl closed. Calling Ramsay a “potty-mouthed teabag,” Leonard fired off a nasty letter which was reprinted by, a restaurant blog (Copy of the letter is on original relaunch episode here).

Restaurant: Black Pearl, New York
Original Filming Date: February 2008
Original Air Date: 25 September 2008
Restaurant Close Date: September 2008

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