Kitchen Nightmares (US) S05 E13: Spin a Yarn, Freemont, California – OPEN

Kitchen Nightmares (US) S05 E13: Spin a Yarn, Freemont, California – OPEN

In this version of The Kitchen’s Nightmare, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Spin a Yarn, a steak house owned by a Greek migrant Saki Kavouniaris, in Freemont, California. Saki bought it in 1995 and established its reputation in the neighborhood.

Jennifer Miller/ Kavouniaris, a gorgeous lady, joined Spin a Yarn as a bartender, married Saki, and had a daughter Mikyla. Everyone took Jennifer as stupid, but with her lively nature and the ability to convert pressure into pleasure, she helped a lot to contribute to the success of the restaurant later.

Spin a Yarn Kitchen Nightmares

Saki, being a conservative, never thought about upgrading the restaurant. It was Jennifer who persuaded him to renovation that led the loving couple to the verge of breaking up.

Conflicts and Decline

As Spin a Yarn’s business decreases, Jennifer convinces Saki that remodeling the restaurant may bring back the customers.

With no plans, Jennifer starts remodeling and spends a lot on unnecessary things. Renovation which was supposed to be budgeted under $350,000, went upwards of $1 Million, causing the resentment between the couple. The restaurant becomes more live but doesn’t improve the footfall and this thing makes Saki disappointed.

The loving couple is very possessive of the restaurant, but can’t handle the ongoing pressure with a substantial drop in sales. Saki and Jennifer, blame each other and start arguing on petty issues.

This conflict arises and the decline starts which the working couple fails to understand and both keep whining at each other.


Episode Related Info:
Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 05 Episode 13 (Including Re-vists)
Restaurant Name: Spin a Yarn, Freemont, California
Filming: Sept-Oct 2011
Air Date: 10 February, 2012
Restaurant Close Date: NA
Current Status: OPEN

Is Spin a Yarn, Freemont, California closed?

No. The restaurant is operational and doing good business at moment. The owners have split up but are still working together closely. Spin a Yarn also lend a hand in the fight against Covid-19 by providing free meals to first responders.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Arrives at Spin a Yarn

Chef Gordon Ramsay arrives at Spin a Yarn and is amused by the typically dressed waiters and creates fun with them.

He meets Saki and tell him about the meeting with Jennifer. Saki takes him to tour the restaurant to show the costly renovation and criticizes Jennifer for her expensive taste. He admits he has not understood the process until it goes beyond the budgets he set.

Saki takes him to show the washroom and Chef Ramsay is amazed to see the costly tiles and chandelier in the restroom. He discusses the budget with Saki and is surprised to know the huge amount spent on useless things.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Criticizes the Food

Before food sampling, Chef Ramsay asks Saki about the cuisine and gets confused over the mash-up of different foods in the menu. He describes it as a “seafood steak house pasta continental restaurant’’.

He is even more confused with an outdated Greek-style menu stuffed with dishes and orders for a Greek sampler, a crab Louie, and a Fillet mignon.

Saki is a bit nervous about Chef Ramsay’s reactions to the food. He sends a Greek sampler and Gordon Ramsay says it is Ghastly and a Greek tragedy because of canned ingredients. Crab Louie is also canned, and he criticizes it as disgusting due to its smell. The last dish served is Fillet mignon and to Chef Ramsay it’s rubbery and has no taste with teriyaki sauce. To him, the food is gross and expresses it with a paused uttering of O-M-G.

Spin A Yarn Gordon meets Jennifer and Mykyla

Chef Ramsay Meets Victor the Head Chef

Dejected with the food, Chef Ramsay meets victor and his team in the kitchen in the presence of Saki and condemns him for the poor quality of food, asking who is holding him to deliver his best.

Victor blames Saki who won’t let him work as per his experience and liking. Saki denies the fact, but no one supports his claim. Saki seems a bit irritated by criticism.

Chef Ramsay Observes the Dinner Service

Having a horrific lunch and a scarier meeting with the chef and Saki, Gordon Ramsay plans to observe the dinner service. Minutes before the dinner service, he meets Mikyla in private to have a deeper insight into the fragile situation at Spin a Yard.

Chef Gordon Ramsay notices the kitchen is understaffed with no expediter and the head chef is doing the dishes while Saki, the owner, standing on the line just observing the food going out and coming in quickly with a lot of complaints.

Chef Ramsay bothered by the complaints, goes into the walk-in chiller to check the storage method, and is astonished to see the contaminated food with no expiry date labels on it. He calls the head chef, Saki, and Jennifer in the chiller to observe the stale chicken smeared in blood.

Spin a Yarn restaurant relaunch kitchen nightmares

Jennifer rushes out to vomit, and Saki starts blaming the chef Victor. Jennifer asks Saki why he has not checked the chiller. The blame game starts and Chef Gordon Ramsay leaves the storage area.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Plans to Reunite the Splintered relationship

Chef Ramsay feels that the wrecked relationship between Saki and Jennifer needs to be addressed immediately. He holds a meeting with them and tries to provoke Saki to change himself for the sake of his family and the business. He also pushes Jennifer to extend her support to run the restaurant.

Saki promises to change himself and vows to support Jennifer. Now, Saki and Jennifer commit to being a team, Chef Ramsay changes their roles. He introduces a special (Prime Rib) and asks Jennifer to slice prime rib, on the customers’ table. She stumbles at the start but recovers soon and does her role very well.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Shortens the Menu and Relaunches

While Saki and Jennifer prove they are committed to the restaurant, Chef Ramsay introduces a short and focused menu with a nice presentation. Everyone applause, and enjoys the taste and looks.

Only minutes before the relaunch, Chef Ramsay surprises everyone to announce that San Jose Sharks are coming to visit the restaurant.

Soon, the restaurant packs with the customer, and the kitchen is flooded with the order. Every customer is ordering a particular menu item “Prime Rib” that soon runs out with Jennifer to continue to slice out the big portions.

Chef Ramsay screams at this as San Jose Sharks are still yet to come. Ironically, the San Jose Sharks order for the same dish. Here, the head chef takes out a big loaf to cater to the remaining orders.

As soon as the order is served, everyone is relaxed and San Jose Sharks enjoyed it that much that they present a souvenir to the team.

Spin a Yarn becomes a place for fun and family with the great efforts of Chef Ramsay and the team, especially Jennifer and Saki.

What happened to Spin a Yarn, Freemont, California after relaunch?

The closing act of the relaunch showed a smooth kitchen service and satisfied patrons leaving the restaurant. In coming months Saki and Jennifer worked together and kept most of the dishes suggested by Gordon. Community also approved the changes done by Gordon, business started doing well.

Spin A Yarn is still operational and doing good business. In 2019, a youtuber Brenner Taylor visited the restaurant, Saki told him that marriage with Jennifer is over but they still work together closely for the restaurant and experience has been great. Jennifer works as social manager and head mixologist at Spin a Yarn restaurant. Menu is changed from what Gordon devised, but taste wise, the food was great as per Brennen.

Spin a Yarn also contributed in the fight against COVID-19, by delivering free meals to first responders. Saki Kavouniaris even started a funding page for keeping free meals on for first responders in the fight against Covid. The restaurant raised over 2300 against their stated goal of 2500 in their Covid funding campaign.



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Episode Related Info:
Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 05 Episode 13 (Including Revists)
Restaurant Name: Spin a Yarn, Freemont, California
Filming: September-October 2011
Air Date: 10 February, 2012
Restaurant Close Date: NA
Current Status: OPEN

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